Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.191015
Released October 15, 2019

  • [UC-3716] – Added checkbox for “Include on hold devices” to most reports. Added column for “Device Status (Controller)” to multiple reports. Super users can change the status of suspended or potentially cancelled devices to “on hold.” This will help users manage or exclude inspections and violations associated to devices having status of “on hold.” When changing the status to on hold, the user gets a prompt to add a building note detailing the nature and expected duration of the hold. When a device is put on hold, a note is automatically added to all violations and inspections having an issue/inspection date within the last 9 months. Violations and inspections are shown in yellow for on hold devices.
  • [UC-3695] – Added DOB ELV3 filed date and DOB AOC filed date columns to multiple reports. The DOB AOC filed date is visible in test history in the filed date column for rows beginning with AOC. This will help identify inspections having AOCs filed on DOB but no supporting documentation in Controller.
  • [UC-3703] – Added new save button inVCAT/ACC screen. Now user can save and remain in the screen so they can click through to the associated test or save and close.
  • [UC-3704] – Decreased load time of testing proposal tracking screen.
  • [UC-3705] – Added functions within each building in the proposals tab, within testing proposals. Now users can perform actions on annual testing proposals without going to the tracking screen.
  • [UC-3707] – Improved data fetching in DOB Now Filings tab. This is still live, publicly available data straight from DOB Now and is not stored in Controller.
  • [UC-3717] – Fixed setting for default year of testing proposals. At any time, a super user can set the default year in Manage>Manage Admin Info>Change Admin User Information. The selected year becomes the default in the testing proposal screens.
  • [UC-3700] – Fixed pricing on testing proposals for non-DOB buildings “testing covered in contract.”
  • [UC-3706] – Fixed bug where open LL10/VCAT/ACC report contained violations for deactivated devices.
  • [UC-3702] – Added column for DOB Owner Type to Client/Contract Report
  • [UC-3708] – Added options to multifunction dropdown in test management: Print Cat 1 EBI/ELV3 and Print Cat 1 Stamped ELV3. Changed display in document column of test management so that now icons for stamped versions and EBI version are shown for both cat 1 and cat 5 inspections.
  • [UC-3709] – Changed icons for separated cat 5 ELV3s in test management’s document column. Purple indicates cat 5 while orange indicates cat 1.
  • [UC-3711] – Changed filename of CUS documents for ECBs so that it contains the violation number.
  • [UC-3714] – Added “reply email address” field in email templates so that email replies can be sent to an address other than the logged in user’s address.
  • [UC-3715] – Added description column to reconciliation report.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.190920
Released September 20, 2019

  • [UC-3655] – Revised logic for autoclear function. To be considered for autoclear, inspection date must match inspection date on DOB Now.
    • Unsatisfactory tests must have AOC compliance status of “Corrections Accepted” and have a document of type “Stamped/Filed AOC” uploaded within the test (this is either a fully signed ELV29 doc with filed date from DOB or a receipt for elevators compliance filing from DOB).
    • Satisfactory tests must have ELV3 compliance status of “Accepted” and have an ELV3 Stamped/Filed Date (this comes from a filed ELV3 or DOB receipt).
    • Only Cat 1 tests are being autocleared at this time. Cat 1/5 tests will be added to the autoclear function at a later date.
  • [UC-3673] – Added ELV3 filing fees retrieved from DOB Now for submitted inspections. The fees are displayed within tests below the disposition and on two reports: UOAOC and Custom.
  • [UC-3675] – Dropdown menus for salesperson, super & inspector are now in alphabetical order.
  • [UC-3681] – Changed default setting in UOAOC report have “Data Entered On” column unchecked. This decreases the processing time. Click “Manage Fields on Reports” and check the box to include it.
  • [UC-3685] – Added equipment type columns to Open VCAT/LL10/ACC Report to help users identify Cat 5 violations issued for devices not needing Cat 5 inspections (hydraulic, wheelchair, dumbwaiter, escalaire, escalator).
  • [UC-3691] – Edited labels in client and building settings screens to better explain fine liability settings. When the “Elevator company contractually obligated to pay fines” box is checked in the client screen, any open AOC fines for this client are tallied in the fine liability report in the “potentially obligated column.” If unchecked, fines are tallied in the “not obligated” column.
  • [UC-3692] – Added column for “USG/NYCHA or other Non-jurisdictional building” checkbox to active buildings/devices report and client contract report. When this box is checked off in the building settings, no fines will be tallied for this building in the fine liability report.
  • [UC-3687] – Added DOB device status and DOB equipment type to test overview report and custom report.
  • [UC-3676] – Fixed blank columns in Test Overview Report for tests with no test results.
  • [UC-3678] – Fixed merge function for ECBs.
  • [UC-3688] – Fixed columns in BI report (add/drop report) for devices having scheduled tests.
  • [UC-3684] – Updated ECB CUS letter template with current address (280 Broadway, 1st Floor).
  • [UC-3690] – Added options for dashboard tasks.
  • [UC-3672] – Changed name of report for “Completed Tests With No ELV3 Stamped Date” to “Completed Tests Not Filed on DOB.”

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.190819
Released August 19, 2019

  • [UC-3662] – Added data from DOB Now to Mismatched Results Report.
  • [UC-3669] – Added tracking number column to Missing Inspections Report.
  • [UC-3664] – Fixed bug where PVTs for deactivated devices were showing up in Summary Report.
  • [UC-3657] – Improved tabbing in add/edit user screen.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.190728
Released July 28, 2019

  • [UC-3629] – Added DOB Compliance Status Columns in Test Management Screen! Statuses not yet in the last stage are orange. Final statuses are green. Go ahead and dance, this is big!
  • [UC-3632] – Added DOB Compliance Status Columns in Reports: Test Overview, Custom, Upcoming and Overdue AOCs, DOB Submissions Not Cleared.
  • [UC-3648] – Modified settings for “Send email notification to client & supervisor.” This optional feature enables the client and selected supervisor to receive an email when the work is assigned in Controller. Building items are listed. The supervisor also receives a work order (template must be set up first). Contact if you are interested in this.
  • [UC-3636] – Added Email template for “Send email notification to client & supervisor.”
  • [UC-3639] – Added “Data Entered On” column to custom report and completed work report.
  • [UC-3638] – Added “Data Entered On” column to deficiency level UOAOC report. This column does slow down generation of the report. If you don’t need it, click “Manage Fields on Reports” and uncheck it.
  • [UC-3637] – Refined “Data Entered On” date in Generate Deficiency Proposal screen. Improved layout.
  • [UC-3650] – Fixed order of devices in scheduling screen.
  • [UC-3649] – Underlined links.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.190708
Released July 8, 2019

  • [UC-3600] – DOB Now data in all inspection and AOC buckets (pre-filing, pay to file, in process and processed) will now be brought into test history when a user enters DOB Now credentials. In Controller go to Manage>Sync DOB Now and enter credentials to get the latest data. DOB Now credentials are not stored in Controller.
  • [UC-3604] – Last Cat 1 and Cat 5 dates are now updated from the DOB Now public dataset.
  • [UC-3615] – Added DOB Link for ECBs.
  • [UC-3626] – Added two columns to Custom Report (Customer responsible box checked and Has building items).
  • [UC-3621] – Added column for client name to Test Overview Report.
  • [UC-3612] – Created add/drop report comparing UpVate Anywhere building/device data with Controller bldg/device data.
  • [UC-3611] – Corrected logic for AOC deadline in Report for Tests With/Without Submitted AOCs.
  • [UC-3620] – Fixed width in pages needing adjustments.
  • [UC-3622] – Removed scrolling from edit deficiency window.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.190614
Released June 14, 2019

  • [UC-3610] – Widened layout for better usability.
  • [UC-3595] – Broadened scope of Rejections Not Entered Report to include all AOC rejections not found in Controller, posted to Bisweb and scraped before September 1, 2018.
  • [UC-3605] – Adjusted testing proposals to allow for device tables spanning multiple pages.
  • [UC-3612] – Created add/drop report comparing Anywhere building/device data with Controller bldg/device data.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.190517
Released May 17, 2019

  • [UC-3601] – Fixed counts of LL10/VCAT/ACC violations shown in header.
  • [UC-3599] – Added ability to upload docs of type “Stamped AOC” via the multifunction dropdown menu.
  • [UC-3602] – Removed scrape dates.
  • [UC-3593] – Last user activity is now logged rather than last login.

Test History: The new section “DOB Now Filings” displays publicly available inspection data from DOB Now in real time. Test history can still be used for reference regarding mid-2018 and earlier tests but does not contain most data entered in Bisweb after September 1, 2018. You can still use test history to click through to Bisweb to view the inspection page for that device.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.190506
Released May 6, 2019

  • [UC-3591] – Updated the AEU2 form template.
  • [UC-3589] – Improved DOB Now Filings section by sorting on inspection dates, showing Cat 5 inspections in purple and indicating devices which are inactive in Controller.
  • [UC-3567] – Adjusted logic for “DOB Data Mismatch” flag in ECBs. Flag will be set only if ECB does not have a violation type of “elevator” or is local. Data shown on Bisweb in “Inspection Unit” field is not available from the new data source. There will be cases where violation type is construction and inspection unit is elevator division and this will be flagged in Controller as DOB data mismatch.
  • [UC-3590] – Added columns for client name and contract number to rejections report.
  • [UC-3582] – Added column for equipment type in summary report, formerly know as customer report. This is generated by pressing the button for summary when you are in the main screen for a building.
  • [UC-3588] – Changed logic for “Cat 5 Due Date” shown on annual testing proposal when no previous Cat 5 date exists for that device. In this case, proposal will show “Date TBD.”

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.190502
Released May 2, 2019

  • [UC-3562] – Added new section “DOB Now Filings” which displays publicly available inspection data from DOB Now in real time. If the DOB Now site is down or doesn’t load within 15 seconds “DOB Now Not Available” message is displayed.
  • [UC-3572] – Added column for ELV3 deadline date in test management screen. This is being calculated as inspection date plus 60 days and is also included in many reports.
  • [UC-3576] – Added email notification for ELV3 Filing Deadline. Go to Manage>Manage Notifications>ELV3 Filing Deadline.
  • [UC-3570] – Improved search in testing proposal tracking screen.
  • [UC-3577] – Created framework whereby buildings can be added to Controller via UpVate Anywhere when inspection results are pushed if that BIN does not already exist.
  • [UC-3561] – Changed add building routine to use new DOB API.
  • [UC-3580] – Manage Submitted AOCs function now saves uploaded files as doc type EBI/AOC rather than client communication.
  • [UC-3574] – Fixed issue where Chrome browser was misidentified as Safari in user logs.
  • [UC-3586] – Fixed issue so that when mechanics use UpVate’s Deficiency Clear App, their last login date is accurately reflected in UpVate Controller.

ECBs: UpVate was notified that some ECBs have not been showing up in Controller recently.  To solve this issue, UpVate started retrieving ECB data from a new open data source.  This new source has a 2 week delay, but the ECBs are now showing up in Controller properly.

There are instances where DOB data (BIN, device) was keyed in incorrectly on the DOB side and we are unable to pull the ECB data into the appropriate building in Controller.  This is a DOB issue and can only be resolved through DOB. As always, if UpVate receives a scanned copy of an ECB that has not yet been retrieved from DOB, it is entered as a “local” violation and will remain in that state unless it later gets merged with data retrieved from DOB. Local violations work just like their DOB counterparts, but have no association to DOB in Controller, so they will not get cleared in Controller when DOB clears them on their side.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.190328
Released March 28, 2019

  • [UC-3551] – Improved screen load time for testing proposal tracking screen by setting default status to “Sent.”
  • [UC-3548] – Added a delete button for proposal documents in testing proposal tracking screen.
  • [UC-3507] – In completed work report, added filters for supervisor and route. Refined column for work completed date/time stamp.
  • [UC-3516] – Fixed alignment issue in test management for scheduled tests.
  • [UC-3537] – Added structure between UpVate Anywhere and UpVate Controller notifying UpVate data entry personnel when a potential duplicate test has been created and needs attention.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.190308
Released March 8, 2019

  • [UC-3522] – Created a new screen in submission reports: Manage Submitted AOCs. This allows user to save AOCs uploaded to DOB and automatically notify the client via email. A date is automatically entered in Controller’s AOC Sent to Customer/DOB Now field. Watch the tutorial video for more info.
  • [UC-3532] – Changed label of field for “AOC Sent to Customer” to “AOC Sent to Customer/DOB Now.”
  • [UC-3521] – Added the ability to send email notification to supervisor when work is assigned and to customer with building related items. This requires a work order template setup. Contact UpVate for more details by emailing, reference UC-3521.
  • [UC-3527] – Added building type filter & test notes icons in generate deficiency proposal screen.
  • [UC-3529] – Added an automatic building note when a building is activated or deactivated.
  • [UC-3531] – Updated notification messages when results are pushed from Anywhere into Controller.
  • [UC-3526] – Inspections for non-DOB buildings can now be sent from UpVate Anywhere into Controller.
  • [UC-3540] – Third party assigned in UpVate Anywhere now gets brought into tests in Controller.
  • [UC-3533] – Added column for third party in test overview report.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.190201
Released February 1, 2019

  • [UC-3497] – Added customizable line item in deficiency proposals.
  • [UC-3514] – Cat 5 results can now be sent from UpVate Anywhere into Controller.
  • [UC-3502] – Added BIN number to test overview report.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.190115
Released January 15, 2019

  • [UC-3490] – Test results can now be sent from UpVate Anywhere to UpVate Controller and DOB. For more information about UpVate Anywhere (inspection app & web portal), go to or watch this video to see how to easily send test results to DOB Now right from the UpVate Anywhere screen. 
  • [UC-3488] – Added button for custom report on the building screen. This generates the condensed version of the custom report for the current building and includes tabs for violations, not tests.
  • [UC-3480] – When a deficiency proposal is accepted, a note will automatically be added to the test/violation.
  • [UC-3481] – When a device status is changed, a note will automatically be added to any test/violation having an inspection/issue date within the last 9 months. If device status is changed to on hold, the text entered in the device screen will be shown in the note.
  • [UC-3486] – Added contract cancellation date to client/contract report. The cancellation date field in the client screen can be used to keep track of cancelled contracts. There is no other functionality associated with this field.
  • [UC-3494] – Added “all years” to year filter in generate deficiency proposal screen so that the user no longer has to specify a given year in their search.
  • [UC-3496] – Added filter for blank email addresses in send testing proposal screen so that buildings with missing email addresses can be easily excluded.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.181215
Released December 15, 2018

  • [UC-3467] – For 2018 and future tests, removed work completion date from logic for AOC file deadline date and penalty calculations.
  • [UC-3470] – Removed non-DOB buildings from logic used in the fine liability report.
  • [UC-3462] – Improved layout of testing proposal tracking screen.
  • [UC-3477] – Default testing proposal year is now 2019.
  • [UC-3465] – In generate deficiency proposal screen, added links and details for violations having erroneous devices.
  • [UC-3484] – In client screen, added a field for contract cancellation date.
  • [UC-3475] – In third party screen, added a field to store inspectors license numbers.
  • [UC-3473] – Fixed ECB function for “Change AEU2 filer.”

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.181109
Released November 9, 2018

  • [UC-3431] – Added new test status “AOC Rejection Paid,” which is set when there is a date entered in the date penalty paid field for a Cat 1 AOC rejection. Tests having this status are omitted from the fine liability report and can be excluded when running the custom report.
  • [UC-3458] – Added fields for third party inspectors and their DOB registered email address. This is available in the “Manage Third Party” screen and will be updated as data becomes available.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.181009
Released October 9, 2018

  • [UC-3434] – Added fields and reporting for DOB registered email.
  • [UC-3432] – Added a field for check number in rejections and VCAT/ACC screens.
  • [UC-3435] – Fixed issues with password reset.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.180928
Released September 28, 2018

  • [UC-3419] – Added BIN number to search screen and removed autofill when hovering over search results.
  • [UC-3422] – Added 2019 templates for annual testing proposals.
  • [UC-3426] – Fixed IE11 detection for display in manage user screen.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.180830
Released August 30, 2018

  • [UC-2722] – Added keyboard shortcuts:

Search Screen: Alt Shift Q

Dashboard Screen: Alt Shift W

Generate Proposal Screen: Alt Shift E

Upcoming Hearings & ECB Cure Dates Report: Alt Shift 1

Open ECB Report: Alt Shift 2

Open PVT Report: Alt Shift 3

UOAOC Report: Alt Shift 4

WIP Report: Alt Shift 5

  • [UC-3354] – Added email notifications. Go to Manage>Manage Notifications and select the reports and interval you prefer. They will be sent in the body of an email.
  • [UC-3379] – Added checkboxes for test types. Users can now exclude or include pretests in the test management screen.
  • [UC-3407] – Added columns to the custom report. Refined the condensed version to include only columns relevant to clients. This condensed version can be used as a report for customers. To include VCAT/ACC/AEUHAZ1 violations, you must specify an address or client in your search.
  • [UC-3363] – Added columns to test overview report for last test dates and Cat 5 due.
  • [UC-3374] – Added supervisor and salesperson columns to report for AOCS/AEU2S sent to customer.
  • [UC-3234] – Added column for “Test exists on DOB” to test overview report and scheduled tests awaiting results report.
  • [UC-3372] – Populated device field in AEUHAZ1 violations with the device that goes with the associated ECB.
  • [UC-3387] – Improved permits screen.
  • [UC-3401] – Added automatic upload feature for scanned copies of PVTs.
  • [UC-3402] – Added column for “deficiencies entered” in open PVT report.
  • [UC-3406] – Removed separate submit changes button from device details screen.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.180712
Released July 12, 2018

  • [UC-3296] – Added notes tab that shows on the right in each test/violation screen.
  • [UC-3343] – Added a new device status called “on hold” which makes the background of associated tests & violations yellow. Devices with this status are treated as if they are active.
  • [UC-3348] – Added column for device status to multiple reports and deficiency proposal screen allowing users to see devices which are on hold.
  • [UC-3351] – Simplified building item proposal process and moved it into generate deficiency proposal screen.
  • [UC-3365] – Moved BIP tracking into deficiency proposals tracking screen.
  • [UC-3352] – Added hearing status to ECB screen.
  • [UC-3328] – Updated logic for status of “attended hearing” for ECBs based on the hearing status so that now this status indicates that someone did attend the hearing.
  • [UC-3358] – Increased character limit of building notice field.
  • [UC-3367] – Made modifications to custom report.
  • [UC-3359] – Added condensed report button in custom report screen. This contains only columns that are relevant to clients.
  • [UC-3340] – Updated code so that only AEUHAZ1 violations which are elevator-related are shown in Controller.
  • [UC-3370] – Changed add permit function so that it does not generate a random permit number and user can enter the DOB permit number in the permit request field.
  • [UC-3225] – Added email template for resending testing proposals.
  • [UC-3301] – Added data to reconciliation report.
  • [UC-3366] – Fixed count of LL10s.
  • [UC-3369] – Fixed test management checkbox for “all” statuses.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.180608
Released June 8, 2018

  • [UC-3248] – Added ability to upload email files in Controller. Files of type .eml or .msg will be automatically converted to pdfs upon upload. Any email attachments must be saved and uploaded separately. See tutorial video in support.
  • [UC-3268] – Made multiple improvements in deficiency proposal tracking screen:
    • Provided search by sales and/or super.
    • Displayed client contact info when user hovers over address.
    • Displayed shipping info.
    • Displayed notes for all tests/violations within each proposal.
    • Displayed device numbers.
    • Allowed user to append notes for all items within a proposal in 1 step.
    • Results now sorted by most recently inspected/issued records at top with divider at 10 day mark towards bottom of screen.
  • [UC-3299] – Associated AEUHAZ1 violations to their corresponding ECBs. For screen results, any AEUHAZ1 violations not pertaining to the elevator division or elevator devices are excluded. These will be removed from Controller’s reports by 6/15/18.
  • [UC-3330] – Controller now pulls the penalty amount for each AEUHAZ1 violation from DOB.
  • [UC-3305] – Added columns for AEUHAZ1 info to open ECB report and custom report. Also added relevant ECB info to open AEUHAZ1 report.
  • [UC-3239] – Added icon in list view of ACC violations indicating that the ACC has been linked to a test (manually).
  • [UC-3262] – Added linked ACC violation information to UOAOC report.
  • [UC-3251] – Special characters are now automatically changed to underscore during file uploads.
  • [UC-3274] – Added a user/time stamp to the deficiency assigned to dropdown menu for each deficiency.
  • [UC-3263] – Users can now select sub branch when syncing ECB calendar.
  • [UC-3270] – Added name and email address of third party in send deficiency proposal screen.
  • [UC-3329] – Added “Categorization Status” to generate deficiency proposal screen for the billable, covered in contract and building responsibility checkboxes. This status indicates whether deficiencies are uncategorized, partially categorized or categorized.
  • [UC-3266] – Changed “CIC Only” button on generate deficiency proposal screen to “Non-Billable Only.” When all deficiencies are categorized as covered in contract and/or building responsibility, the button becomes available.
  • [UC-3265] – When a deficiency proposal is sent or resent, a test/violation note with recipient info is automatically added.
  • [UC-3267] – The deficiency proposal filename now includes the building’s physical address at the beginning.
  • [UC-3257] – Added shipping info, client email and phone number to deficiency proposal tracking report & BIP tracking report.
  • [UC-3297] – Added “SCV uploaded by” column to open ECB and open PVT reports.
  • [UC-3306] – Added 4 columns to Custom Report and Upcoming Hearings & Cure Dates Report to show sent to customer date and shipping info.
  • [UC-3308] – Added user time/date stamp to deficiency attachments window.
  • [UC-3319] & [UC-3275]  – Added ECBs, PVTs and multiple columns to work in progress report.
  • [UC-3322] – In mechanics activity report, added column for “Created By” and photos are now indicated in report.
  • [UC-3326] – Added toggle checkbox in test management for deselecting/selecting all test statuses.
  • [UC-3335] – Clicking on document link now opens file in a new browser tab.
  • [UC-3331] – Fixed bug where “Days since proposal sent” was incorrect because of missing accepted date.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.180510
Released May 10, 2018

Made a change to the logic behind displaying an ECB in UpVate Controller. Previously ECBs were not displayed if the status is “Resolved.”  There are cases where “Resolved” ECBs require action, we are now considering the scenarios listed below.

Requirements for clearing ECBs based on hearing status:

  • PENDING: Never gets cleared.
  • None Listed (blank): Never gets cleared.
  • ADMIT/IN-VIO: Gets cleared when DOB status= resolved, penalty imposed has a value and penalty amount due is $0.00 or a negative value.
  • DEFAULT, IN VIOLATION, and STIPULATION/IN-VIO: Gets cleared when DOB status= resolved, 14 days have passed since the hearing date and penalty amount due is $0.00 or a negative value.
  • CURED/IN-VIO, PUBLICLY-OWNED, DISMISSED and WRITTEN OFF: Gets cleared when DOB status= resolved.
  • CL-UNKNOWN, CP-UNKNOWN, DP-UNKNOWN, SP-UNKNOWN, VL-UNKNOWN: Gets cleared when DOB status= resolved and it is not class-1 or cease use.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.180426
Released April 26, 2018

Internet Explorer will no longer be supported. Please use another browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Brave.

  • [UC-3224] – Updated penalty calculation logic.
  • [UC-3260] – Created cron for penalty calculations to speed up reporting.
  • [UC-3244] – Added ACJ violations to LL10/VCAT violations tab.
  • [UC-3259] – Now allowing comma separated emails in client email field.
  • [UC-3233] – Added deficiency proposal number column to custom report.
  • [UC-3261] – Created a new equipment type: Gearless MRL.
  • [UC-3211] – Created a new document type in building documents for ELV3 rejection receipts.
  • [UC-3303] – Fixed bug whereby user stamp was showing erroneously for blank ECB cure date fields.
  • [UC-3290] – Fixed formatting of deadline dates in test mgt. screen when device dropdown is used.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.180301
Released March 1, 2018

  • [UC-3232] – Added New Report: “Work In Progress Report”
  • [UC-3204] – User can now link ACC violations to a specified test
  • [UC-3212] – Included Deficiency Proposal information in Custom Report
  • [UC-3210] – Added Super and Sales person Drop down filter option for Custom Report
  • [UC-3221] – Generate deficiency proposals are now automatically set to CC the sales rep
  • [UC-2828] – Created an interface for email body templates
  • [UC-3189] – Added work completion date to open ECB report
  • [UC-3207] – Included “days since proposal sent” after proposal status on test and violation management screens.
  • [UC-3208] – Changed date formatting in Test Management, PVT Violations, and ECB Violations screens
  • [UC-3211] – Created a new document type in Building Documents for ELV3 Receipts
  • [UC-3214] – Add “Violation Type” column to reports which display different types of violations
  • [UC-3217] – Proposal Accepted date is now required to be after Proposal Sent date
  • [UC-3222] – Deficiency proposals tracking Report now includes a column for proposal recipients
  • [UC-3227] – Added a “Select All” check box to the Manage Fields on Reports section of UOAOC Report page
  • [UC-3209] – ACC and VCAT violations are no longer being miss-categorized into PVTs

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.180120
Released January 20, 2018

  • [UC-3054] – Improved display of reports menu.
  • [UC-3162] – Added Mechanics Activity Summary (report). This summarizes how many deficiencies of each type were annotated or work completed by mechanics using the deficiency clear app.
  • [UC-3059] – Added route number and supervisor name to the Mechanics Activity Report.
  • [UC-3153] – Added route number dropdown menu to Completed Work Report.
  • [UC-3182] – Added description field from DOB violations in VCAT tab (includes ACC, LL10, AEUHAZ1). Data will be imported after 1/25/18.
  • [UC-3183] – In mechanics report, when ECBs have a stipulation date, that date is shown in the hearing date column, followed by “(stipulation date).”
  • [UC-3154] – Added admin setting for add/drop so unit list comparison can be based on either machine number or device number.
  • [UC-3152] – Added guide button for tasks in dashboard. Guides will be posted as they are compiled.
  • [UC-3142] – Improved layout for notes and files within tasks in the task overview list at the bottom of the dashboard screen.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.171207
Released December 7, 2017

  • [UC-3119] – Added dashboard screen. Tutorial video coming soon.
  • [UC-3137] – Added Google calendars for ECB hearing dates and ECB cure dates.
  • [UC-3140] – Added route to completed work report.
  • [UC-3141] – Added AEU2 filed date to upcoming hearings report.
  • [UC-3134] – Added column for “customer responsible box checked” to UOAOC report, submitted not cleared report, fine liability report and rejections report.
  • [UC-3106] – Added columns for notes, AOC documents and rejection documents in submitted not cleared report.
  • [UC-3117] – Removed deactivated devices from Non-DOB devices report.
  • [UC-3127] – Fixed filter in testing proposals.
  • [UC-3128] – Fixed status in testing proposals tracking when items are marked as sent for scheduling.
  • [UC-3135] – Fixed excel export of DOB Data Report.
  • [UC-3143] – Fixed test overview report to be more inclusive.
  • [UC-3126] – User/time/date stamp for permit documents now includes user and time.
  • [UC-3111] – Obsolete BINs are now flagged in the Controller database.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.171026
Released October 26, 2017

  • [UC-3027] – Added shipping fields to ECB & PVT screens.
  • [UC-3102] – Added email delivery status to export of testing proposal tracking screen.
  • [UC-3105] – Added a setting for default testing proposal year.
  • [UC-3026] – Created a new Completed Work Report that shows which tests/violations have all non-building item deficiencies marked work completed.
  • [UC-3091] – Updated logic so that violations not having deficiencies will be included in custom report.
  • [UC-3114] – Added Reports Guide and FAQ under support.
  • [UC-3081] – Added an optional setting restricting autoclear to clear only tests having all deficiencies marked work completed.
  • [UC-3086] – Fixed bug where proposal email delivery status was not updating properly.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.170920
Released September 20, 2017

  • [UC-3007] – Added preview of EBI form.
  • [UC-3077] – Added checkbox for “Customer responsible for fine” in tests. When checked, this automatically adds a test note.
  • [UC-2922] – Added email statuses and details to proposal tracking screens.
  • [UC-3072] – Reformatted reports to updated version of Excel and formatted currency fields properly.
  • [UC-3024] – Created a condensed version of the Open ECB Report.
  • [UC-3022] – Added the 4 ECB penalty amount/payment fields from DOB to the violation screen and reports.
  • [UC-3039] – Incorporated cease use flag into ECB and PVT reports.
  • [UC-3048] – Updated override DOB device checkbox for ECBs & PVTs.
  • [UC-3075] – Added a new deficiency status: Superseded by later Cat 1.
  • [UC-3011] – Pretest deficiencies no longer require part, condition or remedy codes.
  • [UC-3019] – Added third party to missing inspections report.
  • [UC-3050] – Duplicate records can no longer be added to the EBI form (generate EBI).
  • [UC-3058] – Added sample column structure for BI upload (unit list, add/drop).
  • [UC-3062] – Made text wrap in building notes window.
  • [UC-3070] – Added columns for deficiency status and deficiency completed date to custom report.
  • [UC-2963] – Removed ability to delete notes, users, inspectors, sales agents and supervisors.
  • [UC-2941] – Optimized some long reports.
  • [UC-3061] – Fixed bug where for some inactive devices, the associated violations were being displayed on the main screen.
  • [UC-3066] – Fixed bug where ELV29 cover letter signature info spanned multiple pages.
  • [UC-3068] – Fixed bug where violations were not always being displayed when client dropdown is used.
  • [UC-3078] – Updated BIN merge function.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.170806
Released August 6, 2017

  • [UC-3043] – Added device setting in ECB and PVT screens to handle instances when DOB omits the device or types it incorrectly (erroneous devices). When selected, this allows the violation to show up in the proposal screen and the device number will be shown on paperwork generated from Controller.
  • [UC-3042] – Changed logic on generate EBI screen so that user can select which devices to put onto the fee exempt EBI form.
  • [UC-3031] – Added DOB Link within violation screen.
  • [UC-3023] – Added a cease use flag for ECBs and PVTs, whereby those violations designated by the DOB as “cease use” are noted as such in reports.
  • [UC-3046] – Fixed bug where permit number disappeared when DOB issued permit number was selected. Fixed upload of paperwork in permits.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.170718
Released July 18, 2017

  • [UC-3006] – Updated AEU2 form for ECBs.
  • [UC-2885] – Integrated FedEx data into Controller screen for groups subscribing to this feature.
  • [UC-2991] – Listed devices in order in schedule screen.
  • [UC-2968] – ECBs: Added severity column to reports, route # column to open ECB report.
  • [UC-2978] – LL10/VCAT/ACC screen: Added fields for penalty amount paid and date penalty paid.
  • [UC-2926] – Set all dates to proper date format in spreadsheets for easier sorting.
  • [UC-3028] – Changed violation search to include physical address.
  • [UC-2946] – Added test/violation status to export of deficiency proposals tracking screen.
  • [UC-2967] – Added notes for offline proposals.
  • [UC-2975] – Added deficiency attachment notes to some reports.
  • [UC-2714] – Created a report to track BINs changed by the DOB.
  • [UC-3034] – Added “Did You Know” pop-up tutorial for deadline date column; also available under support.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.170424
Released April 24, 2017

  • [UC-2945] – Changed settings in test management screen so that now all test statuses will be checked off by default (this includes AOC rejected and cleared).
  • [UC-2955] – Added toggle feature to AOC deadline date column in test management so that users can click and toggle to show the work completion deadline date.
  • [UC-2885] – Added field for FedEx tracking number in test screen. In the next release, tracking details will be available for groups subscribing to this feature.
  • [UC-2973] – Changed server settings to allow for more reliable document downloads when the user’s internet connection is slow.
  • [UC-2925] – Added logic in deficiencies when status and assigned to dropdowns are used as these fields are dependent on each other.
  • [UC-2925] – Added fields in deficiencies to enter name of mechanic assigned to, date work was completed on and notes for mechanic.
  • [No story #] – Added a window in deficiencies to display data captured by the UpVate App.
  • [UC-2969] – Cat 1/5 Test Due Report now considers special final issued dates in logic.
  • [UC-2934] – In the custom report, ECBs & PVTs for erroneous devices are now included. They appear below the other violations.
  • [UC-2951] – Updated UOAOC Report: fixed physical address column, added columns for machine number and car number. When run at the deficiency level, added columns for Notes to Mechanic and Deficiency Attachment Notes (entered via the UpVate App).
  • [UC-2957] – Added the Mechanics Activity Report to replace the Completed Work Report. This provides visibility into deficiency data captured by the UpVate App.
  • [UC-2953] – Updated mechanics report & export deficiencies pdf to include more information.
  • [UC-2942] – Added a notice on upper right of export deficiencies pdf when entire test/PVT/ECB is work completed.
  • [UC-2948] – Added a tutorial videos section under support in the main menu.
  • [UC-2949] – Upcoming Hearings and ECB Cure Dates screen now displays the notes icon and issue date.
  • [UC-2950] – Added a year filter to Scheduled Tests Awaiting Results Report.
  • [UC-2954] – Added logic so that on the ELV29 cover letters for tests and PVTs, if a work complete description exists, it will replace the comments.
  • [UC-2970] – Expanded the range of ECBs brought into Controller to include all that potentially have to do with elevators. All ECBs that have elevator as their inspection unit type or have a violation number beginning with “38” will now be pulled into Controller. In cases where an ECB begins with 38 but is not classified as elevator in the violation type or inspection unit, this will be considered a “DOB data mismatch” which is indicated in a column in the Upcoming Hearings and Cure Dates Report (notify DOB of these). This is also indicated within the ECB’s screen in Controller in the Information from DOB field with the words “DOB data mismatch.”
  • [UC-2891] – Added supervisor & route to search criteria in Mechanic’s Open Deficiencies Report.
  • [UC-2938] – Added restriction in dropdown menu so that when a work completion date is entered, it cannot be prior to the inspection date.
  • [UC-2975] – Added deficiency attachment notes to Custom Report when run at the deficiency level.
  • [UC-2895] – Added a user stamp for owner info checkbox on manage building screen; rearranged some fields.
  • [UC-2946] – Added test/violation status to export of deficiency proposals tracking screen.
  • [UC-2926] – Modified test history report so that dates are in date format.
  • [UC-2964] – Fixed bug in forgot password function.
  • [UC-2977] – Fixed bug where devices were missing in device fields for LL10/VCAT/ACC violations.
  • [UC-2979] – Fixed bug where some devices were mistakenly shown as erroneous devices on Open ECB Report.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.170307
Released March 7, 2017 

  • Added preview button to generate proposal screen. This produces the proposal in doc format.
  • Added Export Deficiencies function to generate proposal screen and tabs/dropdown for test management, PVT and ECB. This creates a pdf that has the same data as the mechanics report. It can include whichever tests are checked off or can be generated quickly for a single test/violation by clicking the icon.
  • Added a new screen: Manage Expediters. This allows a group to have multiple expediters.
  • Added a dropdown menu when generating ECP form so that the desired expediter can be selected.
  • Added automatic building note when a deficiency is deleted.
  • Added offline proposals tab for tracking proposals generated outside of Controller.
  • Added deficiency proposal status to custom report (available when run at the deficiency level).
  • Combined columns in custom report so that the new “Category” column denotes building items, billable or covered.
  • Modified detailed device listing table on testing proposals so that Cat 5 test due dates will not be shown for devices not needing Cat 5 inspections. Devices must already have their equipment type selected.
  • Removed restriction on work order generation so that work orders can be generated at any time after results have been entered.
  • Improved search to accommodate spaces in premises address.
  • Updated AEU2 form.
  • Fixed bug where some devices were not showing up as drops on the add/drop report.
  • Fixed bug which caused scrape dates to be missing.
  • Fixed bug which caused deficiency proposal statuses to not be displayed under the test/violation status.
  • Fixed bug where deficiency work completed user stamps were showing the incorrect user’s name.
  • Fixed bug where assessed value was blank for some buildings in the manage building screen.
  • Upgraded servers.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.170127
Released January 27, 2017 

  • Added AEUHAZ1 Violations to LL10/VCAT/ACC Violations tab. Added AEUHAZ1 Violations Report under Reports>Violations. These violations carry a $1500 fine and are issued for failure to file a certificate of correction for an ECB within 60 days.
  • Added AEUHAZ1 violation data into ECB violation screen. If an ECB has an AEUHAZ1 violation associated to it, that violation number is displayed in red within the ECB near the “Update Violation” button. Clicking it takes the user to the DOB screen for that AEUHAZ1 violation.
  • Added field for “Severity” in ECB violation screen. This includes Class-1, Class-2, Hazardous and others.
  • Added functionality to accommodate tax exempt buildings on EBI form generation. When generating the EBI, buildings that are tax exempt will be available from the user dropdown by selecting “Tax Exempt.” When this EBI is generated, the check # column will be populated with “Tax Exempt” and the payment fields get populated with $0.
  • Added CIC Only flag so that buildings having only covered deficiencies can easily be removed from the generate proposal screen. In the generate proposal screen, if all deficiencies are categorized as covered in contract, the CIC Only button appears. Clicking this button removes the proposal from this screen without creating a proposal and flags these deficiencies as CIC Only. These are denoted in the UOAOC report in the new CIC Only column.
  • Created Waiting for Survey Report. This report includes deficiencies marked as “Waiting for Survey” and can be run for all or only those with survey dates which have not passed. This is available under Reports>Results.
  • Created Completed Work Report which includes all deficiencies marked work completed. This is available under Reports>Results.
  • Created scrape dates report for a global perspective on constancy of data scraped from DOB.
  • Improved DOB Data Report pdf output and refined logic for last correction date.
  • Improved DOB Submissions Not Cleared report by including more data showing whether the ELV3 filed date, work completion date or AOC filed date is late or timely and by how many days.
  • Improved custom report to include all VCATs for a building when search is done by client. Added a column signifying if a deficiency is categorized as covered in contract.
  • Added setting whereby pricing on deficiency proposals can be standard (as it currently is) or broken down into labor & materials.
  • Added functionality allowing user to toggle between viewing inspections by device # or machine # in test management. Click on the word “device” in the header for test management.
  • Added functionality allowing users to edit deficiency comments in the generate proposal screen so that they are changed on the proposal document but not in the test/violation screen.
  • Within deficiencies, text boxes for work complete description and BIP instructions have been separated and labeled.
  • Testing proposals screen search now shows “(deactivated)” after the address if that building is deactivated.
  • Non-DOB buildings that are designated as “testing covered in contract” have pricing set to $0 in annual testing proposals.
  • Changed logic for displaying testing proposal test due date. If no test exists in test management and no last Cat 1 test date is pulled from DOB, the test due date will be the same date that the proposal is generated.
  • Restricted users from entering work completion dates that predate the inspection date.
  • Added “Client Communication” as a document type choice when selecting “Upload Paperwork” from the multifunction dropdown in tests & violations.
  • When a user deletes a deficiency proposal or BIP, now the proposal number is also removed from the text box within the test or violation.
  • Removed deactivated devices & buildings from add/drop (BI Report).
  • Fixed bug where ECBs having status of null were not included in the open ECB report.
  • Fixed bug where issue date was blank for some ECBs on the mechanic’s report.
  • Fixed bug where current device status was not matching PVT device status.
  • Fixed bug in test history screen where equipment type disappeared when device filter was used.
  • Fixed bug where year on ECP form was not being populated correctly.
  • Fixed bug where local flag was not being unset for ECBs.
  • Removed cleared violations from violations request list.
  • Fixed bug so that when a user refreshes a BIN and then clicks the submit button, the most current building data gets pushed.
  • Categorize deficiencies screen has been removed. Generate proposal screen has more features and should be used instead.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.161023
Released October 23, 2016 

  • Added functionality and data to custom report so that a user can view estimated penalty info and rejection info for tests while including violations data on the same spreadsheet in additional tabs. The custom report is listed in the reports menu within results.
  • Added DOB Data Report, which lists inspections, open ECB violations, open PVT violations, open LL10 violations and complaints that have been pulled from the DOB. The DOB Data Report is listed in the reports menu within miscellaneous.
  • Added JVIO violations under VCAT tab.
  • Added columns to Active Devices at Active Buildings Report to view building and device info in greater detail. This report is available in miscellaneous under Active/Deactivated Units and Buildings.
  • Added function to print rejection paperwork from the dropdown menu in test management. For the selected tests, this prints all documents that have been previously uploaded as rejection paperwork or AOC penalty paperwork.
  • Added/updated descriptions at the top of each report’s screen. Provided an UpVate Reports Guide for reference.
  • Changed labels of two screens. Generate Deficiency Proposals is now Generate Proposals and Deficiency Proposals Tracking is now Proposals Tracking.
  • When deficiencies are categorized as billable in the proposal screen, the proposal amount is automatically populated as $0.00.
  • Modified list of deficiencies automatically categorized as building responsibility (for those groups having building items auto-checked). Parts 15, 41 and 60; conditions P and Z are automatically categorized as building responsibility.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.160708
Released July 8, 2016 

  • Added new functionality for permits which includes permit data pulled from DOB, additional permit fields and three new permit reports.
  • Added VCAT5 violations for failure to file a category 5 inspection.
  • Improved building item proposal process by adding fields for instructions and re-inspection date.
  • Added data to BI Report Add/Drop list to help determine validity of drops: last inspection date from Controller and last one year, five year and correction from DOB.
  • Added total proposal amount to deficiency proposal tracking spreadsheet.
  • Updated codes for ECBs issued after June 30, 2015.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.160527
Released May 27, 2016 

  • Added functionality allowing users to email deficiency proposals from the generate deficiency proposals screen.
  • Added verification window (LVM) for viewing deficiencies in ELV3 format without going into the test screen. LVM icon is in the main test management screen under the notes icon.
  • Added document type “Client Communication” everywhere that files can be uploaded. This is to be used for any documents related to the client that need to be stored in Controller.
  • Optimized EBI reconciliation screen for better usability.
  • Modified deficiency proposal and BIP template so that disclosure is separate and deficiency tables do not break onto separate pages.
  • Changed filename and proposal number for BIPs to include “BIP.”
  • Moved 1 column in Upcoming Hearings and ECB Cure Dates Report.
  • Added pdfs to the types of documents allowed for upload in proposal tracking screens.
  • Removed deactivated buildings and devices from the autoclear exception list.
  • Modified manage building screen when new BINs are added so that it is identical to the manage building screen for existing BINs.
  • Fixed bug where closed violations were contained in the open LL10/VCAT report.
  • Fixed bug where merging PVTs caused the verified checkbox stamp to have an invalid date.
  • Fixed bug where testing proposal email address edits in tracking screen were not saving in send screen.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.160330
Released March 30, 2016 

  • Redesigned mechanics report PDF for better usability. Test type is now displayed and some columns have been combined so this can be printed on 8.5” x 11” paper.
  • Added a column in the Mismatched Results report that contains the URL of the inspection on DOB.
  • Added machine numbers to Test Overview Report.
  • Added AOC filed date column to report for Completed Tests With No ELV3 Stamp Date.
  • Added user stamps for AOC Filed Date field when it is entered via the Generate EBI screen or EBI Reconciliation screen.
  • Added a checkbox in UOAOC Report screen allowing user to include cleared and AOC filed tests.
  • Added functionality whereby a user stamp will be shown if a user deletes a date from a field within a Test/PVT/ECB. Because this user has modified existing data, the text box will also be outlined in red.
  • Removed character restriction for phone number field in edit client screen.
  • Changed cure date on work order form printed for tests to be 30 days after the data entered on date.
  • Changed permissions so that regular users cannot add or delete route numbers.
  • Changed permissions so that regular users cannot enter or edit dispositions for tests.
  • Added Pre-Test as a category in the generate deficiency proposal screen’s search bar.
  • Added option to “Mark as Cancelled” in deficiency proposal tracking screen.
  • Added email address to testing proposal document template.
  • Fixed bug where “verified” checkbox in violations was not always staying checked.
  • Fixed bug where devices that were temporarily activated were not visible when adding local PVTs.
  • Fixed bug where disposition became N/A when a regular user saved a test.
  • Fixed bug where ELV3 stamped dates were missing on UOAOC Report.
  • Fixed bug where user stamp was not showing for work completion date field unless an inspector reviewing was selected.
  • Fixed bug where billable amount was not saving in generate deficiency proposal screen.
  • Fixed bug where EBI Reconciliation was not working for cleared tests.
  • Fixed bug where checking off the previous year checkbox did not change the test color to pink.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.160122
Released January 22, 2016

  • Added new setup and functionality for Non-DOB (out of borough) buildings, including:
    • Non-DOB Tests Due Screen
    • Non-DOB Scheduling Screen
    • Send Non-DOB Testing Proposals Screen
    • Non-DOB Buildings and Devices Report now has more information

*Refer to the Non-DOB Buildings and Devices Guide for details.

  • Added a column in the test management tab for AOC Deadline Date.
  • Added the “Estimated Penalty Amount” within the test screen in the Manage Cat 1 AOC Rejection section. This amount is the same as what is shown in the Upcoming and Overdue AOC Report in the penalty estimate column.
  • Added links at the bottom of each test to the associated building documents of the following types: EBI/ELV3, Stamped ELV3, Separated Cat 5 ELV3-EBI, Separated Cat 5 ELV3-Stamped, Cat 1 ELV3 Rejection and Cat 5 ELV3 Rejection.
  • Restructured route and supervisor assignments for better management of route changes.
  • Created functionality to create an add/drop list based on a unit list that is uploaded into Controller.
  • Created a Client/Contract Report under Miscellaneous, detailing client contract information.
  • Added a dropdown menu to select the client for customer sign off authorization forms in the building documents screen so that forms will be associated to clients.
  • Added user/time stamps to most fields, visible by clicking the new “Show User Stamps” button next to the “Update” button.
  • Added a red border around date/text fields whose data has been modified.
  • Adjusted ECB cover letter to accommodate more than 24 deficiencies.
  • Adjusted ECB status. ECBs having a stipulation and also an AEU2 filed date now have status of AEU2 Filed.
  • Updated logic for last Cat 1 and last Cat 5 test dates in the devices screen.
  • Changed autoclear logic to include tests having a disposition of satisfactory in Controller, no ELV3 stamped date, but have posted to the DOB with a matching inspection date. A note is posted within these tests when they are autocleared.
  • Changed autoclear logic to consider Cat 5 rejections so that if the Cat 1 has cleared but the Cat 5 is rejected, when the autoclear runs the test’s status becomes “Cat 1 Cleared & Cat 5 Rejected.”
  • Changed recipients of autoclear and exception list emails.
  • Changed permissions for regular users so that they cannot change device status or building status.
  • Added column for test result in the Completed Tests With No ELV3 Stamped Date report.
  • Refined reconciliation report to more accurately report data for Non-DOB devices and Cat 5 tests due.
  • Changed logic in Missing Inspections Report so that Cat 5 tests that have a separate inspection date in Controller that matches the record on DOB are not included.
  • Added functionality so that if all tests included on a testing proposal have been scheduled in Controller; in the Testing Proposals Tracking screen, the status becomes “Sent For Scheduling” and the date that the scheduling was completed is displayed.
  • Added field for EBI Check Number in tests and PVTs so the user can enter the check number to be printed on the EBI there or within the Generate EBI screen.
  • Added all of the dates and document icons that were previously only visible in the deficiency proposal tracking screen to the proposals tab of each building.
  • Added reinspection date and all sent dates to deficiency proposal tracking screen and BIP tracking screen.
  • When a user marks a deficiency proposal as accepted or completed, the current date is captured and displayed.
  • Added email functionality to BIP tracking screen.
  • Changed settings so that the signature in deficiency proposal emails is now based on the user.
  • Fixed bug where icon could not be used to download some AOCs.
  • Fixed bug where some uploaded documents could not be opened.
  • Fixed broken links in DOB submissions log.
  • Fixed bug where refreshing the BIN was creating duplicate ECBs.
  • Fixed bug where pretest deficiencies were causing deficiency proposals to be generated with no deficiencies.
  • Fixed bug where cure dates on work orders were not always populated correctly.
  • Fixed bug where the first row of the EBI was sometimes blank.
  • Simplified background in test management so there are only 2 colors.
  • Refined Rejections Not Yet Entered Report to contain only active devices at active buildings.
  • Removed pre-tests and non-DOB tests from Paperwork to be Submitted Report.
  • Added 2 checkboxes to merge violation function.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.151124
Released November 24, 2015

  • Added BIN Number column to excel export of testing proposals tracking screen.
  • Improved test history screen by making it more clear which dates are work completion dates (marked in green).
  • Moved “Change AEU2 Filer” function to a separate item in the ECB dropdown menu.
  • Added drag & drop for file uploads in current browsers (not supported in IE8).
  • Relabeled document types: Unofficial Test Results is now Unofficial Test Results/Unstamped ELV3 and Stamped Paperwork is now Stamped AOC.
  • Added functionality and streamlined generate deficiency proposal screen, allowing users to view devices already proposed and click through to the building.
  • Changed sorting criteria in generate deficiency proposal screen. Tests are sorted by inspection date with the oldest inspection date on top. ECBs are sorted by issue date with the oldest issue date on top. PVTs are sorted by data entered on date with oldest date on top.
  • Added tax to deficiency proposal documents.
  • Added data entered on date and third party to work order form.
  • Fixed bug on ELV29 form where “Date Report Filed” field was not always being populated correctly with the ELV3 stamped date.
  • Fixed bug where ECB cure dates were disappearing.
  • Fixed bug where test status was not updating or disposition was not saving in some cases when the result was saved by a regular user.
  • Fixed bugs in edit deficiency.
  • Fixed bug where some data was missing from rejections reports run for ELV3 rejections.
  • Changed logic for rejections report and test status of ELV3 rejected to show records based on rejection checkboxes rather than presence of rejection documents.
  • Fixed bugs in EBI Reconciliation so that AOC filed dates and EBI files are saved properly.
  • Fixed bug in testing proposals that was preventing users from resending proposals.
  • Fixed bug where erroneous device numbers from the DOB were not being shown on the PVT/ECB tab.
  • Added 4 dates from deficiency proposal tracking screen to status at a glance and UOAOC report. Dates include: deficiency proposal sent, deficiency proposal revised, deficiency proposal accepted and reinspection proposal date.
  • Added disposition column to Completed Tests With No ELV3 Stamped Date report.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.151015
Released October 15, 2015

  • Added listing of all proposals in the proposal tab for each building.
  • Regular users can no longer change the disposition of a test once a stamped or EBI ELV3 has been uploaded.
  • Added feature allowing admin user to send a mass email to all UpVate users.
  • Added logic to deficiency proposals to eliminate unnecessary paragraphs.
  • Added sales representative as an email recipient for tests that are scheduled or rescheduled. There must first be a client email saved in the building setup and the user who schedules/reschedules the test must check off that email address in the scheduling screen for the sales representative to be cced on the email.
  • Added export to Excel button in testing proposal tracking screen.
  • Added additional fields for main phone, cell phone and fax to user profile screen.
  • Added functionality allowing super users to clear tests of status “Cat 1 Cleared & Cat 5 Rejected.”
  • Added 2016 testing proposal templates.
  • Changed deficiency proposals so that they are signed by the user who is logged in.
  • Added “needs building item proposal” checkbox to edit results dropdown menu in tests.
  • Added user stamp in edit client screen to track who last made changes.
  • Added fields for managing agent email and fax in client screen.
  • Optimized generate deficiency proposal screen.
  • Changed structure in generate deficiency proposal screen to allow user to select individual devices to include on each proposal and have other devices remain in the screen for a future proposal.
  • Added pdf conversion and email functionality in deficiency proposal tracking screen. This allows the user to upload a deficiency proposal saved in Word format and simultaneously email it to a client in pdf format.
  • Added setup for different types of testing proposals for Non-DOB buildings.
  • Added feature allowing user to batch generate forms for all ELV36s upcoming in the next 10-20 days.
  • Added ECB work complete description field on the main screen of each ECB for easier editing.
  • Changed format of deficiencies displayed on ECB cover letter to facilitate filing process at DOB.
  • Added 5 new statuses to testing proposals tracking screen.
  • Added proposal preview in proposal details window of send testing proposals screen.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.150901
Released September 1, 2015

  • Created ability for users to temporarily activate devices for 1 hour from the devices screen.
  • Added functionality to rejections report allowing user to see rejections that have been cleared.
  • Created Building Item Proposals Tracking screen.
  • Optimized building document screen to refresh properly and be easier to navigate. Uploaded documents are listed in reverse chronological order by year, subcategorized by stamped documents and rejections closest to the top.
  • Added column for “Erroneous Device” on upcoming hearings/cure dates report, open ECB report, and open PVT report. This indicates if the DOB typed the wrong device number or left the device field blank.
  • Added a cleared column and removed satisfactory tests from tests without AOC filed dates report.
  • Redefined requirements for ECBs and PVTs to be displayed as cleared or open in Controller to accurately reflect their status on DOB.
  • Removed CAT 5 records and records deleted from DOB from mismatched results report.
  • LL10/VCAT Violations are no longer being displayed in Controller or included on the Open LL10/VCAT report if the device number being pulled from the DOB is a deactivated device in Controller.
  • Made changes to custom report to include job number columns where applicable.
  • Added CUS Document to ECB dropdown.
  • Added a field for fax number in the admin setup.
  • Fixed bug where notes icon was not auto-updating in VCAT screen.
  • Fixed bug where date of receipt field in violations was editable. It is now read-only, displaying the date that this violation was originally pulled from DOB.
  • Fixed alignment on work order document.
  • Added “Refresh Building Data” button in manage building screen.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.150718
Released August 12, 2015

  • Added display of devices on Permits tab for devices entered from the DOB and data entry.
  • Added capacity where devices are shown in schedule screen.
  • Created function for super users to reset log in attempts for any user.
  • Updated merge violation function to include all dates when merging.
  • Upcoming and Overdue AOCs Report: Data Entered on date now considers date stamped paperwork was uploaded if no unofficial paperwork has been uploaded.
  • Added more information to Active/Deactivated Units and Buildings Report.
  • Added functions to PVT dropdown menu.
  • Added time and date stamp when a test is cleared.
  • Created dropdown menus for ECBs and LL10s/VCATs.
  • Changed display in generate deficiency proposal screen so that results are sorted by Data Entered On date.
  • Date of receipt field is now present in all non-local violations. It states when the violation was initially pulled from the DOB.
  • Updated reconciliation report to be broken out into Cat 1 Tests, Cat 5 Tests, Pre Tests and Non-DOB Tests.
  • Added dropdown menu in devices screen to activate and deactivate devices.
  • Created Test Overview Report allowing users to see a summary of test info for every device of a given year and/or subbranch.
  • Fixed bug in Completed Tests With No ELV3 Stamped Date Report, removing those tests that do have a stamped date.
  • Fixed bug where ECB cure dates were disappearing.
  • Added function for super users to clear local violations from dropdown menu.
  • Added icons in permits for documents of type Approved Paperwork and Signoff Document.
  • Added cover letter for ACC and VCAT/LL10 violations.
  • Modified the Missing Inspections Report to only show inspections missing after the contract start date.
  • Fixed bug in building documents search filter that was preventing super users from being able to delete docs.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.150608
Released June 8, 2015

  • Added device count to device details screen.
  • Added multiple columns to Open PVT Report, including job numbers, sent to customer dates and AOC given to dates.
  • Created admin setting whereby specified email addresses will receive a copy of all testing proposals sent.
  • Created admin setting where either the premises address or the physical address will be shown on the AEU2 form. Both addresses are included on the letter for ECBs.
  • Fixed bug where there was unwanted scrolling within violations.
  • Added expiration date field (to be entered by user) in Permits and Permits Report.
  • Added cure date to ECB work orders.
  • Added AOC filed date to main PVT screen.
  • Added user/date stamp when AOC filed date is entered.
  • Added “Awaiting Results For” column to the Scheduled Tests Awaiting Results Report.
  • Added new document type “DOB Research Request” in all file upload menus.
  • Deficiency proposal statuses are now being displayed for PVTs and ECBs when viewing the main violation screens.
  • For UOAOC report: Added checkboxes to include/exclude work completed items; Added column for “Data Entered On.”
  • Added functionality and data to Deactivated Units and Buildings Report so that it will now show data for devices of any type in any status. The report is now named “Active/Deactivated Units and Buildings” and includes more device & building details.
  • Added filters for test year and sub-branch in the Submitted But Not Cleared Report.
  • In deficiency proposals tracking screen, added a dropdown menu for year sent and a column to display violation #s or inspection dates.
  • Pre tests now have N/A displayed for ELV3 Stamped Date and AOC Filed Date on main test management screen.
  • Added “Last Scraped Date” (date that data was scraped by UpVate from DOB – shown in parenthesis after each tab heading on the main screen) and removed “Last Retrieved Date” (date that data was last updated/changed on DOB – was shown in test history and violation screens).
  • Added functionality for ECB stipulations so that when a stipulation has posted to the DOB, the stipulation date field will be populated within the ECB and brought to the hearing date field on the main screen. The status of the ECB will change to “Stipulation.” ECBs with stipulation dates that have not passed will remain on the upcoming hearings and ECB cure dates report. Appropriate columns have been added to ECB reports.
  • Fixed bug where some tests were erroneously included on the Mismatched Results Report.
  • More detailed counts are now available in the Reconciliation Report.
  • Device information has been added for ACC and VCAT violations.
  • Statuses have been updated for tests, ECBs and PVTs which were not displaying the correct status.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.150511
Released May 11, 2015

  • Added link to DOB web site in Test History, ECBs and PVTs.
  • Added number of devices to Testing Proposal Tracking Screen.
  • Fixed bug where sent testing proposals were not visible in IE8.
  • Changed equipment type specific to a dropdown menu in device details screen.
  • Fixed bug where pages were missing from generate deficiency proposals screen.
  • Fixed bug in edit deficiency where tabbing from work complete description directed user to URL.
  • Removed DOB machine type column from devices screen.
  • Calculations in reconciliation report have been fine-tuned.
  • Fixed bug where email addresses were not always being saved in the send testing proposals screen or when edited in the testing proposals tracking screen.
  • Added columns for sub branch, test type and Cat 5 only to custom report.
  • Deficiency proposals can now be marked as completed without having paperwork uploaded.
  • Added Cure Date column to Open ECB Report.
  • Fixed bug where records were not showing up on Rejections Not Yet Entered Report.
  • Added a “check all” box in generate EBI screen.
  • Fixed bug where stamped AOC documents were being included when user clicked on ELV29 icon.
  • Fixed bug where ELV3 stamped date disappeared when Cat 5 ELV3 rejection ppwk was uploaded.
  • Added agency phone number to top of EBI form.
  • Made changes to Completed Tests with No ELV3 Stamped Date Report: Pre tests, deactivated devices and devices at deactivated buildings are not included. Columns for test type and Cat 5 Only have been added.
  • Fixed bug where testing proposals were not working for buildings with multiple clients.
  • Added cure date to ECB screen.
  • Fixed bug where “Change AEU Filer” was not working in IE8.
  • Added equipment type specific column in test history screen.
  • Added status “Not Required By Code” in test deficiency table.
  • Restricted certain capabilities of regular users.
  • Added SCV Uploaded Date (date scanned copy was uploaded) column to Open ECB Report.
  • Fixed bug in Mismatched Results Report where some Cat 5s were being included erroneously on the report.
  • Made changes on Scheduled Tests Awaiting Results Report to keep records from dropping off if either the Cat 1 or Cat 5 results have not been entered.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.150402
Released April 2, 2015

  • Fixed bugs in testing proposals screen so that email addresses are now saved and displayed properly. Proposals can be sent and are available in tracking screen.
  • Fixed screen refresh in LL10/VCAT and permits screens so documents are displayed immediately upon upload.
  • Updated building item proposal doc for ECBs to include client info.
  • Fixed bug where user and timestamp for work completion date was being updated each time a record was saved.
  • Combined work orders can now be generated for tests having different statuses.
  • In testing proposals, AOC Covered Proposals shows proposals for clients having filing covered in contract checked or marked as checked.
  • Changed Mechanic’s Report to include only data that is associated to a client rather than the entire building.
  • Fixed bug in PVTs where “Invalid Violation Number” error is given when updating PVT.
  • Deactivated devices are now displayed in the main search with (Deactivated) after the device number.
  • Fixed bug where pre tests were changing to Cat 5s.
  • Added capability for reports to be emailed to the user as an option in group setup.
  • Added exclude deficiency checkbox for ECBs (removes deficiency from cover letter and customer letter).
  • Added BIP sent date field to PVTs and ECBs.
  • Added work completion date column to condensed UOAOC report.
  • Changed programming to more accurately display “data entered on” date in generate deficiency proposals screen.
  • Added checkboxes in violations for “PVT Verified” and “ECB Verified” to track data entry verification. Columns have been added to the Open PVT Report and Open ECB Report to indicate these.
  • Added ability to enter check numbers on Generate EBI screen.
  • Deactivated devices and deactivated buildings will no longer show up in any proposal screen.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing users from generating deficiency proposals for pre tests having covered in contract deficiencies.
  • Added ELV3 stamped date for separated Cat 5 ELV3s in test management screen.
  • Changed Scheduled Tests Awaiting Results Report to allow for and display Cat 5 only test results.
  • Fixed bug where export of deficiency proposals tracking results did not contain all records.
  • Changed inspector reviewing dropdown so that users can revert inspector back to “Select.”
  • Changed testing proposals to allow for multiple clients per building.
  • Fixed bug where ELV3 rejection notes were getting automatically copied into the AOC rejection notes field.
  • Fixed bug where test status was not always changed to work completed when a work completion date was entered.
  • Added test type column to deficiency work orders.
  • In testing proposal tracking screen, added address search and changed pagination for more user-friendly display.
  • Changed deficiency proposal tracking screen so that users can mark accepted proposals of any status.
  • Changed generate deficiency proposal screen so that when a user marks a deficiency as duplicate, it will no longer remain in that screen.
  • Changed reconciliation report to only show counts for active devices in active buildings.
  • Removed requirement for a sales agent to be selected for search in generate deficiency proposals.
  • Changed calculations for fine liability to be calculated correctly based on the “contractually obligated to pay fines” checkbox (checked = calculate based on AOC filed date, unchecked = calculate based on sent to customer date).
  • Added ability to select code year for violations to accommodate violations whose codes fall outside of the predetermined date ranges of existing versions of PVTs and ECBs.
  • In device setup, changed “Equipment type specific” from a text field to a dropdown menu.
  • Added device counts in testing proposals tracking screen.
  • Fixed bug where payment waived checkbox was getting automatically checked off for Cat 1 AOC rejections

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.150203
Released Feb 3, 2015

  • Inspections are being displayed in chronological order in the scheduler.
  • Added export function to Non-DOB Buildings and Devices Report. Fixed navigation bug.
  • Added contract start date to main screen.
  • Added Building Item Proposals for ECBs.
  • Adjusted display of Building Notice field.
  • Fixed tabbing sequence in deficiency fields.
  • Fixed document upload function in Testing Proposals Tracking Screen.
  • Improved search function in Send Testing Proposals Screen.
  • Reasons for rejection have been modified to allow more accurate capture of data.
  • Fixed bug where Pre Tests were changing to Cat 1 Tests upon reschedule.
  • Fixed bug in upload paperwork using dropdown menu.
  • Fixed bug where when a deficiency was excluded from paperwork, reason field was not saving.
  • Deficiency proposals can now be created for buildings having multiple clients.
  • Testing proposals can now be created for current year and upcoming year.
  • Deficiency Proposals Tracking Screen now tracks Reinspection Proposals.
  • Changed label of field in PVTs from Submitted to DOB Date to AOC Filed Date.
  • Customer Report is available
  • Separated Cat 5 ELV3s are available via icons in the test management screen.
  • The Inspector Reviewing field is no longer a required field for creating the ELV29.
  • In ECBs the hearing date is now a mandatory field.
  • In ECBs the cure date must be prior to the hearing date.
  • ECB violation notes now show up on the Upcoming Hearing and ECB Cure Dates Report.
  • Fixed bug on missing inspections report where Cat 5 tests performed on a separate date were not being considered.
  • Deficiencies having status of work completed are now not showing on deficiency proposals.
  • Fixed bug where Inspector Reviewing was not being saved.
  • Fixed bug where AOC Given to Expediter user stamp was changing whenever the test was updated.
  • Fixed bug where third party could not be edited within the test.
  • Fixed bug in Generate Deficiency Proposal Screen where duplicate checkbox was not working.
  • Missing Inspections report is now a spreadsheet available via export.
  • Flag for Waiting for Stamped ELV3 now includes tests having status of results entered, work completed and rejected.
  • Report of Mismatched Results is now available, showing tests where the disposition shown on DOB does not match data in Controller.
  • For Cat 5 Only tests, Cat 5 will now be in bold in the test management screen.
  • Fine amounts on the Upcoming and Overdue AOC report and the Submitted and not Cleared report can now be calculated based on the sent to customer field if you select this option in the group setup.
  • Fixed bug where ELV3 stamped date was not showing for some records on the DOB Submissions Not Cleared Report.
  • A new report, the Reconciliation Report, provides counts for proposals and each test status.
  • The Upcoming and Overdue AOC Report now has an option to export as a condensed report, showing only client name, contract #, physical address, route #, device #, inspection date, work complete deadline date, deadline date, days overdue, penalty estimate and notes.
  • When using EBI Reconciliation, the EBI form that was generated is now available for download.
  • Bugs in EBI Reconciliation screen have been fixed.
  • Bug has been fixed in Custom Report where ELV3 stamped date was not showing for some records.
  • Once an ELV3 stamped date is present, now only super (admin) users can edit deficiencies.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.141112
Released Nov 12, 2014

  • Test notes have been moved to the edit results screen to reduce the number of clicks when entering results
  • Deficiency Proposal Changes
    • Number of devices has been added to the deficiency proposal tracking screen
    • Reinspection proposal type has been added to the dropdown
    • Deficiency proposal tracking now has Sales Rep and Assigned to, columns on the excel export
    • Issue with duplicate deficiencies when there are 2 clients in the building has been corrected
  • Report Changes
    • Route number and supervisor columns have been added to the missing inspections report
    • DOB Data report will now show the premises address
    • Violations request list is now exportable to Excel
    • ELV3 stamped date added to the custom report
    • Penalty calculation in the upcoming and overdue AOC report as well as submitted but not yet cleared reports
    • Violation notes have been added to the upcoming hearings and cure dates report
  • Edit schedule will now allow you to edit pre-tests
  • Inspector reviewing field added for the AEU2 form generation
  • Users can now create the ECP form regardless of the status
  • In building documents the Cat5 section is now only showing Cat5 documents
  • Rejection changes
    • Added a radio button on the report screen (paid/unpaid) to filter these rejections. Also added ability to filter by year of inspection. Also added radio button to show (active/inactive) buildings
    • Added “Rejection Notes” to all rejection types
  • In building documents we now have options to upload EBI as well as stamped separated Cat5 documents
  • Users can now drag and drop for document uploads
  • Contract start date added to the building screen
  • ECB changes
    • Building item proposal is now available for ECBs
    • When creating and editing ECB records the hearing date is now mandatory, the cure date can not be greater than the hearing date
  • Added a link for the separated Cat5 ELV3 in test management
  • Reason for rejection is no longer a mandatory field

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0092614
Released Sept 26, 2014

  • Generate deficiency proposal generation updates
    • Added ability to specify a proposal number
    • No longer show deficiencies where the work has been completed
    • Users are no longer able to click the create proposal link several times.
  • Manage deficiency proposal improvements:
    • Added column to display the number of devices
    • Added column for “Assigned To:” this column shows the paperwork given to sales/operations and paperwork given to date
    • Added column for the sales rep
    • Reorganized to fit on one screen
    • Allow building item proposals (BIP) to be uploaded and tracked
    • Status change via dropdown now allows user to change status of multiple proposals
    • Now showing additional revision dates when the proposals are revised
  • Fixed bug where in some cases the ELV36 would not print from the test management screen
  • Added back button to client screen to allow navigation back to a building when adding/editing a client from the manage building screen
  • Missing inspections report now includes a column for Contract #
  • Fine liability report has been added under miscellaneous, this report provides an accurate view of the current fine liability
  • Changes to the upcoming an overdue AOC report
    • Contract start date added
    • Deficiency proposal status added
    • Added column for BIP sent date
    • New layout to the generation screen
    • Date range added
    • Filter to show only building items
    • Filter to show outstanding jobs
    • Filter to show completed work without AOC sent to customer date
    • Order of columns reflects the order prior to the August 21, 2014 release
  • Change to Submitted but not yet cleared report
    • Added columns for “Who is filing the AOC”, “Contractually obligated to pay fines,” and  “Penalty Amount”
  • Fixed bug where the wrong status when the Cat1 was cleared and the Cat 5 was rejected
  • Fixed bug where the correct deficiency proposal status was not always showing up on the test management screen.
  • Change to the upcoming ECB hearings report
    • added an indicator if a deficiency proposal has been sent
    • This is not showing 90 days of ECBs vs 60 days
  • AOC rejection reason dropdown selection now includes AOC filed late/not filed and removed ELV3 filed late
  • Added the ability to add a building notice at the top of the building screen. This will allow the user to add a short text note at the top of the building screen. This is added on the edit building page
  • Added the “payment waived” checkbox and the rejection notes field to the Cat1 AOC rejections screen that is accessed from the dropdown menu on the test management screen.
  • Scheduling Email is now going to the building contact vs. the client.
  • “add note” removed from the test management dropdown. Users will add notes via the edit results option.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0082114
Released August 21, 2014

  • Added field for “Obligated to pay fines” to the client screen to denote that the user is contractually obligated to pay fines.
  • Generate deficiency proposal improvements:
    • Added a filter for year of test/violations
    • Improved speed on the search query
    • Improved the look and feel of the deficiency categorization screen as well as the client and building layout
  • Manage deficiency proposal improvements:
    • Allow users to export this report to excel
    • Users can now mark a proposal as non-billable
    • Users can now mark a proposal as completed
    • Added a display of who generated the proposal
  • Added the deficiency proposal status to the test management screen under the test status
  • Proposal number has been added to the test details screen when the proposal is generated
  • In the test details screen users can now see the test type
  • Created the ability to upload separate Cat5/Cat1 Elv3 paperwork
  • Added the following fields to the rejections workflow and the rejections reports
    • DOB Penalty Amount
    • Customer Penalty Amount
    • Waived Checkbox
    • Rejections resolution notes
  • Changed to the Upcoming and Overdue AOC report
    • Added “Manage Fields” option to allow the user to select the fields that they would like to exclude from the report
    • Added “Obligated to pay” field
  • On the Cat1 and Cat5 tests due report the schedule date of the current year tests has been added

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0071114
Released July 11, 2014

  • Change to AEU2 generation. User can now specify the owner info and check off Section 1.
  • Stamped date no longer required for rejections.
  • On the work order the user can now put multiple year PVTs on them.
  • Major change to the search screen, a user will now search by premises address and physical address in one field.
  • Major change to the reports navigation. Reports are now found in a more logical place.
  • Deficiency comments have been added to the upcoming and overdue AOC report.
  • Schedule has been added to the top level navigation.
  • Users can now enter the AOC filed date when uploading the stamped EBI on the reconcile EBI screen.
  • Client name and Contract number added to the Open LL10/VCAT1 report.
  • Fixed a bug with the pretest where they were converting to Cat1 tests and unable to create a Cat1 with a pretest.
  • Missing inspections report added. These are tests that are found on DOB but not in controller.
  • Work complete notes are now printed on the ECB cover letter.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the Cat1 and ELV3 rejections
  • Fixed bug with work order deficiencies
  • Changes to the work order for include add client info field from client table, add cure date for tests to work order. Cure date equals inspection date plus 119 days.
  • “Paperwork give to” field has been added to the dropdown.
  • System flag now available for “waiting for a stamped ELV.” Users can find this on the “Completed with no  ELV3 stamped date” report.
  • In group setup the user can select to print the client information on the ELV29 and AEU2 cover letters.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0061014
Released June 10, 2014

  • Deficiency proposal generation the user can create proposal and categorize deficiencies and then use the Deficiency Proposal Report to manage revisions and acceptances.
  • Deficiency proposals are now managed via a report under Reports->Results Reporting-> Deficiency Proposal Report
  • Building Items proposal is now available for users to create.
  • Users can now select a sales/supervisor that they have given AOC paperwork to. Added to upcoming and overdue AOC report.
  • Building documents are now sortable by type and date.
  • Changes to the permits screen to tract expiration dates.
  • Users can now upload a separate Cat5 AOC rejection.
  • Regular (non-master) users can no longer edit contract numbers and they must be unique.
  • Added checkbox on client screen for “Contractually Obligated to Pay Fines.”
  • Users can now set the status of a testing proposal without having to upload a signed copy.
  • Users can now select to place the client name on the AEU2 form.
  • Penalty date calculation change:
    • Work Completion Deadline date – 119 days from date of test.
    • Deadline date – 59 days from Work Completion Deadline Date UNTIL an actual Work Complete date is entered into Upvate.
    • Once the work complete date has been entered then it is 59 days from work complete date UNLESS work completed date is AFTER the 120 day window then the logic should remain with work completion deadline date.
  • Date stamp added for customer authorization forms.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0051514
Released May 16, 2014

  • Added PVT and ECB templates for deficiency proposals.
  • Bug where tests were clearing when uploading rejections has been fixed.
  • Bug that assigned automatic test clearance to the logged in user has been fixed to show cleared by system or cron.
  • Created feature to generate work orders when the job is booked.
  • Bug with DOB submission log upload is fixed.
  • Testing proposal improvements
    • Added ability to send engagement letter for devices that are under contract.
    • Fixed bug where default amounts were not loading.
  • Mechanics report changes
    • Created separation between ECP and PVT tests.
    • Added shading on alternate lines for readability purposes.
    • Changed the order of deficiencies to remedy, condition, part.
  • On test details page checkbox label  for “AOC paperwork sent to Sales/Operations”  change to “Paperwork sent to Sales/Operations.”
  • We are now tracking the user that deactivates a device.
  • Calendar Changes
    • Corrected bug where the test would spill to the next day.
    • Corrected device count discrepancy.
  • Corrected issues with scheduled tests by mechanic report.
  • Customer letter and Combined CRL letter the user creating the letter is not the signatory on the letters.
  • Tests that are automatically cleared are associated to a system user instead of the user that is logged in. (this was an issue when uploading rejection paperwork on a cleared test.
  • Created the ability to upload Cat5 ELV3
  • Created the ability to upload Cat5 ELV3 rejections
  • Open deficiency proposal changes
    • Allow proposals to be created for PVTs and ECBs and tests separately.
  • Search by contractID is working properly now.
  • Shipping notes are now available to edit on the Edit Results screen on the dropdown menu.
  • DOB data report added for super users, this brings the most recent test history, Open ECB, Open PVT/ACC, Open, LL10/VCAT, Open Complaints.
  • When changing from Unsat to Sat and then back to Unsat the deficiencies are now retained with the test.
  • Users can now generate the ECP forms with the flexibility to complete the form correctly and easily
  • Bug where checkboxes that are checked for a test would become unchecked if the user selected the status filters is no longer unchecking the checkboxes.
  • Users can select to send a message to the building owner when the schedule is created.
  • Bug where the User/Date/time stamp for AOC filed date was updating when the inspector reviewing field was up dated has been corrected.
  • Option for “Waiting for Survey” has been added to the categorize deficiency options.
  • Admin user can specify if they want to see the device numbers on the ELV36 or they just want to see a total.
  • Issue with custom report not showing filed AOCs has been corrected.
  • Satisfactory tests have been added to the custom report and the unit status count reports.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0031914
Released March 19, 2014

  • Fixed AOC overdue report penalty calculation bug and date format of 1969.
  • Fixed mechanics report to display properly.
  • Fixed custom report bug queries run properly.
  • Changed manage proposal screen to allow covered in contract buildings to be included and added various filter functions and letter for Third Party Notification.
  • Fixed bug where user information could not be updated.
  • Fixed scheduling display bugs and counts.  Also fixed the display of the scheduled tests by team.
  • Added billable and non-billable job number fields to upcoming scheduled tests report.
  • Added ability to override end date for a scheduled test removed weekends from the scheduler.
  • Added a start time to scheduler.
  • Added ability to send email to property by checking send email before scheduling the test.  The email recipient will be displayed.
  • In a test and PVT changed the field that opens up when billable is checked to Price for the proposal amount.
  • Added additional filters to the categorize deficiencies field for improved search for building/test/violation.
  • In the proposal reports section added ability to edit proposal before resending.
  • Fixed ability to view sent proposal in proposal reports.
  • Added ability to create deficiency proposal.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0022514
Released February 25, 2014

  • Reconciled duplicate work complete and automatic clearing of tests.
  • Fixed bug where tests on same day were not showing on scheduler
  • Added a feature to allow scheduling of overtime tests
  • Added changes to categorize deficiencies for preparation of customer responsibility letter
  • Added a start time to scheduler
  • Added a category called “elevator company responsibility” when collecting reasons for rescheduling tests
  • Added user requested fields to Upcoming and Overdue AOC report
  • Added functionality to be able to view proposal that was sent
  • Added a method to upload signed and accepted proposals from client
  • Fixed a bug when printing multiple ELV29 at the same time
  • Added ability to designate buildings and  devices as DOB or NON DOB
  • Added a  Customer letter sent to customer date field in Test and PVT management
  • Added a summary  dashboard for all proposals
  • Created ability to click on building address to transport user from proposal screen to building summary screen
  • Changed all labels called “Open order” to “billable”
  • Fixed bug wherein the ELV3 stamp date was missing on the AOC overdue and upcoming report
  • Added a “Filing is covered” checkbox in client setup screen
  • Added a new category of tests called “Pre-test”
  • Added a feature to record user and time stamp when modifying work complete and Inspector reviewing date in PVT, Tests and ECBs
  • Allow for use of ECP form for all reasons for AOC rejection

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0010814
Released January 8, 2014

  • Fixed bug with the device counts on the scheduling screen
  • Fixed bug where a user could not have an apostrophe in their username/email address
  • Added shipping notes to the dropdown menu for tests and PVT violations
  • Added the ability to tract the dates when a proposal is resent
  • Fixed bug where test rescheduling was not working properly
  • Fixed bug with EBI upload not associating to all devices
  • Fixed bug where agency information was not saving
  • Added the CCing of testing proposals to the user that sent it
  • Added a flag for “Testing is covered in contract” on client setup. When checked the buildings do not show up on the testing proposal screen.
  • Added a flag for “Is AOC filing covered in the contract”  This is presented to the user when they mark a proposal as accepted. If no the devices will not show up on the upcoming and overdue AOC report.
  • Added the ability to
  • Deactivated inspectors will now show up in the test details.
  • Fixed issue where AOC received from customer indicator was not working on the notes “at a glance” indicator
  • Password requirements change – Users need to change their password every 90 days and they need to meet the following criteria: minimum of 8 characters and must have 3 out of the 4 of the following an upper case, lower case, numeric, special character.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0112013
Released November 20, 2013

  • User has the ability to categorize deficiencies en masse. They can specify if this is a building responsibility item, covered in contract, or open order. If open order the user can enter an amount.  Click Manage then Categorize Deficiencies for this feature.
  • Added a new scheduling module that allow the user to schedule tests and view capacity across all inspection teams.
  • Improvements to the test proposal generator, added default amounts, automatically totals the device types, will total the amounts in the proposal.
  • Added machine number and car designation to the test history screen.
  • Changed the codes that automatically check off the item as building responsibility.
  • Corrected penalty calculation in the customer report.
  • Corrected issue when deleting a document that was uploaded as a batch.
  • Created some checks when deactivating sales agents and inspectors, users must reassign all buildings prior to deactivating them
  • Corrected issue where stamped EBI was not associating properly to tests.
  • Changed naming convention for mechanics report adding the building to the file name.
  • Placed the correct icon for notes on the LL10/VCAT and PVT screens.
  • UpVate Extractor will now correctly automatically save preliminary and stamped ELV3 files to UpVate Controller
  • Penalty amounts have been added to open ECB reports

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0092513
Released September 25, 2013

  • The inspector review date has been removed from the system. User will use the work complete date only.
  • Stamped paperwork is now available via the Stamped AOC icon.
  • There is a new report called EBI reconciliation. A user can see EBIs that have been generated and upload the stamped EBI against that EBI and the stamped EBI will be associated and available for download on the test management screen.
  • User can now upload paperwork from the dropdown and associated one document to many devices.
  • You can now update the third party from the dropdown menu.
  • When printing ELV-29 the stamped ELV3 will print with it instead of stamped ELV-3 and EBI/ELV-3.
  • ACC violations now appear under the LL10 tab.
  • Testing Agency field has been added to the test screen. The test agency name should be entered here.
  • Export test history now includes the name of the user that ran the report.
  • Users now have a Customer AOC letter that can be printed from the building screen.
  • Icon for the cover letter now reads “Cover”.
  • Users can now generate proposals with financial details and have then sent via email to clients.
  • Users can now print stamped AOCs from the dropdown for tests.
  • Label for printing stamped PVT AOCs is now “Print Stamped AOCs”.
  • Users can now add buildings and devices that are no available on DOB.
  • Errors in the customer report have been corrected.
  • Users can print all documents when printing a PVT AOC from the dropdown.
  • When uploading an ELV36 it can now be associated to escalators.
  • When uploading ELV3 rejections, only devices that have been specified as rejected will show up.
  • Labor hours report will show an approximate backlog of hour needed to clear all deficiencies.
  • Labor hours have been brought to the Upcoming and Overdue AOC report.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0080813
Released August 8, 2013

  • Code review and refactor of system, all code has been reviewed and optimized
  • When you click on Test History you now see all test history by default. You can click for just the most recent test information
  • Customer report added to building screen
  • Added sub-branch functionality to allow reports to be broken down. Added as a column in the reports:
    AOC overdue report
    Completed tests with no Stamped ELV3
    All violations reports
  • Bug where items were not being removed from EBI list has been corrected
  • On the test management screen we now display the inspector reviewed date if there is no work complete date available
  • Mechanics report now available as a pdf or excel file
  • Bug where notes truncate because of “&” has been corrected
  • Added fields for rejections to track when they were received
  • Route number and address filtering is added to the AOC overdue report
  • Department of Finance data is brought to controller in the “tax status” column in the Upcoming and Overdue AOC report
  • Added tracking for PVT AOCs sent to sales/operations
  • Added “cust auth” to the bottom of AOC paperwork if there is a customer authorization letter loaded to the system
  • Deactivated devices no longer show in test history, to view deactivated devices you must use the edit device screen
  • Added all rejection data to rejection report
  • Added ability to edit ELV3 rejections from the dropdown
  • DOB remarks for a test are now brought to the test notes upon clearing the test
  • Added at-a-glance status lookup to the notes for PVT just like we have for tests
  • Improved workflow when adding devices to EBI
  • Added checkbox to building screen “USG/NYCHA or other Non-jurisdictional building” check this to flag a building that is not subject to penalties.
  • Bug with report “completed tests with no ELV3 stamped date”  has been corrected
  • Fancy new icons for documents!
  • Route numbers are now assigned to devices and not buildings
  • Added headers to reports to indicate physical address, BIN number, etc…
  • Duplicated correction have been purged
  • Added icon for tests with rejected ELV3s, this will appear above the status for a test
  • Bug where mechanics report was showing cleared tests is corrected
  • Agency number added to EBI form

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0070213
Released July 2, 2013

  • Overdue AOC report filter, to filter by route number or contract number
  • Custom report – Adding search criteria used to generate the report to the results
  • Fixed issue with truncated ECB deficiencies
  • Allow users to add notes to DOB submissions
  • Fixed bug where devices were not sorted perfectly on test history screen
  • Changed page breaks in ECB cover letter.
  • Fixed bug that prohibited a master user from deleting notes
  • Added work complete date and notes to upcoming ECB hearings report
  • Fixed bug where when uploading documents form the test management screen the user was not flagged
  • Flag “work completed” deficiencies from the customer letter
  • Fixed issue with nightly updates timing out
  • Fixed bug with upload failures not reporting egregiously on the screen
  • Removed “notary signature” from PVTs
  • Provide a method to download and print for multiple PVTS in a building the ability similar to print combined AOC

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0042613
Released April 26, 2013

  • Corrected bug and clients are now disassociated from the building when the client is deactivated
  • AOC given to sales/operation is now a dropdown
  • Items can now be removed from the EBI form before printing
  • We now provide a count of items available to add to the EBI
  • When uploading building documents tests will show the inspection dates for association
  • Customer responsibility letters are signed by building supervisors vs. logged in user
  • Power users can now delete notes
  • Added page numbers to the mechanics report
  • Device dropdown filters on test management no longer show deactivated devices
  • Tests in test management screen are now sorted by test year then device
  • Power users can now change other users to power users
  • Added physical to reports next to premises address
  • Notes button is now accessible from the edit test and edit violation screen
  • Sales agents can now be deactivated
  • ECP for can now be generated from the bulk edit function
  • Auditing put in place to track the user/datetime for deactivation of buildings, critical documents uploads, test clearance, scheduling tests
  • Bug in automatic test clearing function is corrected

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0040113
Released April 1, 2013

  • Added “request violation” to the PVT bulk edit dropdown
  • Added ability to include all clients to the mechanics report
  • Added work complete date for individual deficiencies on mechanics report
  • Filing form notes can now be edited via the bulk edit function
  • Customer responsibility letter formatting changes
  • Added error checking when removing all deficiencies from cover letter
  • Generating 3 copies of the EBI for with client information on one copy
  • Added device filter for PVT screen
  • Added indicator for previous year tests on test management screen
  • Corrected issue with PVT issue year deficiency codes for 2008 violation
  • PVT violations for deactivated devices now appear in red

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0012313
Released January 23, 2013

  • Added support for annual test proposals
  • Automatically specify “building responsibility” to deficiencies that are the building responsibility
  • Added fields to “Mechanic’s Open Deficiency” report
  • Tab order bug corrected

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0121312
Released December 13, 2012

  • Major redevelopment of the test management screen adding the ability to make changes to more than one test at one time.
  • Major Redevelopment of the PVT management screen adding the ability to make changes to more than one PVT at one time.
  • Added building document types (FDNY and Consultants Report)
  • Display violations from DOB with inspection unit = “Elevator Division”
  • Added EBI Submissions log
  • Display BIN number on the client search results
  • Add report for current year test status
  • Display physical address as well as premises address on building screen
  • Open PVT report now includes column for presence of scanned violation
  • Added inspector review date and work complete date to mechanics deficiency report
  • Added material ship date and ship notes to test management screen
  • Generate customer responsibility letter in Word template with automatic selection of customer responsibility deficiencies
  • Add a CAT5 rejection process to the test management screen
  • Submit items for submission and generate EBI form
  • Added new deficiencies lists for PVTs issues after September 15, 2012
  • Create selection to exclude owner information from ELV-29
  • Display EVCAT1 violations from DOB  in the LL10/CAT1 violation tab
  • Create a report for CAT5 and CAT1 rejections

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0092512
Released September 25, 2012

  • Database optimization.
  • Code Optimization.
  • Re-write of all reports to run faster and more consistently.
  • Building Deficiency report now available as a PDF.
  • Corrected some issue with ELV-36, ELV-29 and AEU-2 layout.
  • Scanned PVTs are now printed with the ELV-29 form when using the multi-print function.
  • Penalty calculator added to the submitted but not yet cleared report. This gives a penalty estimate once the clock has stopped on deadlines.
  • Export to Excel functions are improved, date formats are correct and sortable.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.0080812
Released August 8, 2012

  • Corrected bugs on reports, Custom Report, Completed Tests with No ELV3 stamped Date, Upcoming and Overdue AOC report.
  • Added Mechanics Open Deficiencies report – This report is a listing of all open deficiencies by mechanic or route.
  • Added days overdue and penalty estimate to the Submitted but not yet cleared report.
  • Removed links to documents that do not exist in the system.
  • Power users can now delete tests.
  • Changed the default messages that appear on the filing form cover letters that are generated.
  • Fixed test history screen bug where the DOB remarks were not showing up
  • Created the ability to enter only CAT5 results for a test.
  • Fixed bug where notes would disappear in IE8 and IE9
  • Added the ability to download a mechanics report for each building directly from the building management page.
  • When adding a new building the screen now shows the status of the extraction from DOB.
  • Device can now be deactivated ONLY by a power user.
  • All exports will now export as a XLS file fixing the issue where the user was saving as HTML
  • When printing ELV-29 forms users with a popup blocker must hold the CTRL key and then press the button to print the ELV-29s.
  • Users can now add a client from the manage building screen.
  • Fixed the issue where IE8 was caching and displaying the incorrect content.
  • Users can now upload paperwork to a test from the building screen.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.052512
Released May 25, 2012

  • Added support for Customer Sign off Authorization form.
  • DOB violation numbers are cleansed so that violation clear from the system automatically when they appear on the DOB website.
  • Inactivity timeout is now 3 hours.
  • Test history/DOB comments now appear on the summary screen.
  • Cover Letters can now have custom letterhead applied
  • ECB Customer document is now available as a word document (CUS)
  • Automatic clear function for tests bug is fixed, tests will now clear automatically when they appear on DOB
  • Date of receipt for violations is now a user input field

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.032812
Released March 28, 2012

  • Report improvements:
    • Notes are now included on Custom Report tool
    • Notes are now included on Open PVT Report
    • Violation number has now been brought to the Open PVT report in the Custom Report tool
    • Rejections are now reported on the Upcoming and Overdue AOC report
    • Rejections are now reported on the Custom Report tool
  • Deficiency Changes:
    • Now have the ability to select the status of a specific deficiency
    • Now have the ability to assign a specific deficiency to a department i.e. sales, maintenance, repair
    • Now have the ability to track the user that sets the status of a deficiency to complete
    • Only the master group user can now delete deficiencies
  • Deficiency Assignment reports – this report will show you how the deficiencies have been assigned by type of deficiency
  • Only the master group user can now delete uploaded documents
  • Only the master group user can manually clear a test
  • For ECBs you can now print the cover letters and AEU2 separately
  • For local (violations that do not appear on DOB) you can now print filing forms and cover letters
  • Users can now export the test history (from DOB) to excel
  • Users can now print multiple filing forms with cover letters for PVT violations
  • Notes indicator will now show you if there is a note present for a building, test, or deficiency
  • Checkbox has been added to indicate that the paperwork has been submitted to Sales/Operations
  • Tab order on edit deficiency has been corrected
  • When the error checking is triggered for a field the user will now be scrolled to that field
  • User is now redirected to the login screen if they are timed out of the system
  • Addition of EBI/ELV3 form will now display that stamped ELV3 date on the manage tests screen
  • Addition of EBI/ELV3 changes the status of the test to “ELV3 Filed”
  • Improved Test History Screen: Added remarks from DOB site for Correction records in Test History screen under check complete history selection.
  • ECB Filing Paperwork now includes a cover letter for Customer and the cover letter to Department of buildings now includes a place for Notary Signature.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.022412
Released February 22, 2012

  • Ability to select multiple filing forms like ELV29 for print at one time.  A user can now select multiplke documents for printing.
  • Fixes to improve availability of 2010 documents uploaded into system.  Old documents from Access system can now be accessed without error.
  • Custom report tool improvements:

a)      Ability to select wild card for client name and contract ID

b)      Improved mechanics report

  • Improved Handling of CAT5 test results.  Cat5 results are sometimes submitted at a later date by the Third Party.  System now allows the results to be entered at different times with change of Test Type preserving original intent of test.
  • Improved Test History Screen: Added remarks from DOB site for Correction records in Test History screen under check complete history selection.
  • ECB Filing Paperwork now includes a cover letter for Customer and the cover letter to Department of buildings now includes a place for Notary Signature.

Recent Updates UpVate Version 1.013112
Released February 3, 2012

  • Added Manage Rejection workflow – Allows user to manage and track rejections and upload documents associated with rejection to a Test with results where an AOC has been filed.
  • Improved Custom report tool Functions – Allows users to select Route number to run report.
  • Mechanics report is Now available as a PDF file
  • Automatically Clear tests that post DOB where the Work Complete date entered in system date matches date on DOB for a correction.  Only AOC filed statuses are cleared.
  • Improved Notifications capability – Allows user receive notifications for select Sales Person or Supervisor assigned to buildings
  • Added a Schedule Helper to assist in scheduling of Tests
  •  Handling of Multiple Agency Director – Allows assignment to be changed for any specific building to alternate director.  This will automatically modify the ELV29 form for correct director for that building.
  • Improved Handling of VCAT violations – Data from DOB for VCAT violations (for tests that were not filed in prior year) are now brought to the LL10/VCAT screen.  In addition we may now add local violations if paperwork is received but not yet posted on DOB.